Listening, Day 4: Buoy

I took a bit of a break from this project for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that I was ill, but also because what I really wanted to listen to was some Mick Karn.

Anyway, I’ve got back to it now, and listened to ‘Buoy’ from Mick Karn’s album ‘Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters’. Two tracks from this album featured David Sylvian on vocals and I’ve chosen this one to include in my month of listening to David Sylvian.

I already really liked this song, but listening to it again made me remember what an amazing album it is. When I first listened to it I was completely blown away by it, and I still am. ‘Buoy’ was a single from the album and I bought the 12″ when it came out.

The song is a great mix between two talents. It has an earthy quality that’s emphasised by David’s voice, and it carries you on a musical journey that lilts along somewhere between contentment and melancholia. It is a beautiful song, and I really loved listening to it again.