Reaching the end of ‘Things’

I’ve been a user of ‘Things’ for Mac and the iPhone for some time now, but during that time I’ve increasingly become less and less content with how the desktop and device apps work. It got to the point where the whole thing just ceased working as a task management system at all.

It is a shame really as Cultured Code are a nice company and they’ve been promising lots of new functionality for a long time, it just hasn’t arrived as yet. Also, compared to a lot of other apps ‘Things’ is a very expensive solution, which is one of the reasons I’ve held off moving to a different app / system.

Anyway, I’ve moved to Toodledo and it is working out really well so far.

Having said all that I just read this post at the Cultured Code site on their cloud sync solution. Let’s see what it looks like when it finally comes through.