A last reminder about that blocks campaign

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but their Kickstarter campaign is nearly done now and I thought I’d give it one more plug to see if it is worthwhile for someone. So, to recap, If you’ve already back Blocks on Kickstarter, then you can get extra credits by going here (my page) and that gets you credits which allows you to get extra modules (which is the main thing that you might be interested in if you’ve back Blocks on Kickstarter, right).

So, if you’ve already backed their kickstarter, then go here and do what it says. If you haven’t and were planning to back the kickstarter, then do that first, then go here. Make sense?

So I watched “I dream of wires”

It was quite interesting actually. I filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge about modulars. However, it still hasn’t made me really want one. I can understand the ideas behind them and I can understand why they are popular, but I still don’t want to commit to getting one. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never actually got my hands on one so I’m not hooked as yet. Who knows.

Still, it was interesting to watch and hear some of the views of a few artists I really respect.

So Reaktor 6 is here

And it looks really interesting and like a good update from 5.5. But before upgrading I have to ask myself if I’m actually going to make enough use of this update to make it worthwhile. So far I’m not doing anything really interesting with Reaktor so I’m sitting on the fence about getting the upgrade. There’s always the argument that actually the upgrade itself will make me make something interesting with it, but I’m even struggling to get myself to believe that!

I think I’ll leave it for a couple of months and see what I feel like then.