And more Jasuto

I just love playing with stuff in Jasuto Pro. It’s so good for experimenting with ideas. Even when they just don’t work at all.

My latest idea for Jasuto was a total failure. Which was great as it made me think of something else which was quite interesting to toy with.

Working on the Tabletop

The Retronyms pulled out an amazing app when they introduced Tabletop last year. It isn’t like any other modular environment on the iPad, but so far I haven’t had much, if any, chance to do anything with the newer modules.

So my plan is to get that sorted out very soon.

More making stuff with Jasuto

The more I get into Jasuto, the more ideas I have for using it. That’s not to say that it is perfect of course, there are always areas that could be improved, but you can say that with any software.

Jasuto is perfectly useful as it is, but it would be great to see it updated sometime soon.

Sunvox arrives for Android, but not for me

It is of course great news to hear that the excellent Sunvox app has arrived for Android. Sunvox was always described as a cross platform modular tracker and it is truly cross platform now.

Sadly it won’t run on my under-powered old Android phone which is only running 2.2, as Sunvox requires 2.3, and even if I could get 2.3 on my device I doubt it would work very well as the CPU is quite slow. Still, I’m glad to see it and I’d happily pay for it as and when I upgrade.

Well done Alex!

Messing about with Jasuto Pro

Messing around with stuff is great fun, and if there’s an iOS app that is superb fun, then it’s Jasuto Pro Modular. I haven’t played with this app for ages, and so it’s great to get back into it and discover stuff that I’d started but not done anything with.

The patch, or sketch, or whatever the proper name is, that you can see above uses a sample file that was recorded using RJDJ on a journey home one day. The idea was to record a week of travel sounds using RJDJ and then create patches for it in apps like Jasuto Pro.

I must work out how to get the audio out on this track, but perhaps on another day.