More Dr Who

I’ve been getting back into the 8th Doctor audio stories of late. I’d kind of fallen away from listening to them. That is, up until recently.

I’ve just bought another 5 8th Doctor CDs which should keep me busy for a little while at least. They only take me up to the end of season 3 so I have all of season 4 to look forward to now.

Another story finished

I finished listening to the latest Dr Who (Tom Baker) story, and even though the first episodes weren’t up to much, in the end I enjoyed it.

It is interesting to see (hear) how different the stories are from what gets onto the TV Dr Who. The latest audiobook is in 5 hour long parts. I don’t think that would work on TV these days. Of course, when Tom Baker was the Doctor you could have up to 8 or 9 25 minute episodes and that was completely acceptable.

I’m glad I’ve listened to these 2 new stories, and I think I’d buy the next one too if and when it comes out.

The only question remaining is, what to listen to next?

Ending in the word ‘git’

I finished listening to Alexei Sayle’s book “Stalin ate my homework”. I have to say I really liked it. It was at times funny, sad, thought provoking and insightful.

It is one of those books you wish there was more of when you get to the end of it. Even so it was a good place to stop. I especially liked that he read it himself. That added a great deal to the listening experience.

I think that some of it will stick in my mind for quite some time to come although my own childhood was nothing like his, but even so, there are things that resonated with me.

It was, it is, a great book.

Getting to the end of the homework

This is a really contrived title I know, but I wanted to write something about getting close to the end of Alexei Sayle’s ‘Stalin Ate my Homework’.

I am so enjoying this book, which is much more coherent than ‘Great Bus Journeys of the World’, which I read a look time ago.

it is so good to hear him reading about his own life, and it is sad, funny and amazing all at once.

Doctor Who: Demon Quest

Well the last 2 episodes of Tom Baker’s latest Dr Who story have come out and I hope to get to listen to them over the next few days. The first couple of stories weren’t so good, but the third one picked up so I’m hoping that the last 2 will be good as the last series was excellent.

Really looking forward to it, and I’ll let you know what I think at the end.

Dusk, Snow, Woods and Alexei Sayle

I walked home tonight just at dusk hoping that the light would hold for long enough for me to get through the woods before it got dark and I started to walk into things or get lost.

I was ok thankfully and just made it.

I continued listening to Alexei Sayle’s “Stalin Ate My Homework” on the way back which is an excellent read, or in my case listen as I’ve got the audio book version. I would recommend it to anyone. Unless of course you don’t like Alexei Sayle in which case you probably shouldn’t bother with it.

I must be over half way through now and I’ve really enjoyed it. It is funny and poignant at the same time, and a deeply personal reflection on his quite unusual childhood.

I’ve especially enjoyed the way the book doesn’t so much tell the story of his childhood but more meanders through it in a seemingly haphazard manner. I guess in many ways that childhood is like that. Today it made a good backdrop to my journey.

Stalin Ate My Homework

My latest audiobook listen is Alexei Sayle’s “Stalin Ate My Homework“.

When I bought it I didn’t know what to expect except that I’ve always enjoyed his sense of humour. So far it is a great listen. He’s reading it himself and as it is about his life it is full of feeling. It is funny and sad and very unusual. I’m only about 3 hours into it and it is 8 hours long, but I’m enjoying every minute of it,

Dr Who: Demon Quest

I finished listening to part 3 of this story today. The remaining parts still haven’t been released. Another 2 are due.

Demon Quest is the second new story that Tom Baker has recorded. The first one, Hornet’s Nest was really good and I enjoyed it a lot, but this one hasn’t grabbed me as much, or that is it hadn’t until today. I think that part 3 was much better than the 1st 2 parts of the story, so I’m hopeful that the next and final 2 parts will be good too. They’re released on the 2nd of December, so it isn’t long to wait.

In the meantime I’m going to listen to Alexei Sayle’s ‘Stalin Ate My Homework’, which should be fun.

Getting to the end of Dune

I’m a big fan of audio books and have been for ages. I used to have a lot of walking to do on my journey to work every day and it was a good way of listening to more than just music.

I’ve listened to all sorts of things from fiction to history to music theory, and over the last few weeks I’ve finished listening to one of the biggest stories. Dune.

I’ve listened to:

  • Dune
  • Dune Messiah
  • Children of Dune
  • God Emperor of Dune
  • Heretics of Dune
  • Chapterhouse Dune

It feels kind of odd to have finished listening to the books now. A bit like there’s no where left to go.

I know that there are the prequel books and a few others in the franchise too now, and I’ll probably get around to listening to those at some point, but for now it feels like an ending, and it is.


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