Terra nova

I fancied watching this sci-fi series even though it only got one season before being cancelled. I didn’t think it was too bad at all really. In fact I quite enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ve seen far worse things get a second season, but this didn’t. I don’t think it was the cast or even the story line. It certainly wasn’t the special effects as they were quite good really. It just didn’t make it.

It reminded me of the UK sci-fi series Outcasts, which was on BBC1 a few years ago. That had a lot of potential and yet didn’t get the second series. Not sure why again. Although with the BBC they seem to be very nervous about anything that isn’t an overnight success. Science fiction rarely works like that, so the BBC have no stomach for it. That’s a shame, but there you go. They’ve even managed to ruin Doctor Who, but that’s a whole different debate.

Anyway, I thought Terra Nova was ok. A shame not to see how it turned out in the end.

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