And it’s been a bit of a generative day over at PalmSounds

Today has been a bit of a day for my friends over at Intermorphic. Today marks 25 years that they’ve been in generative music, and that’s a pretty amazing achievement in my book. So I’ve been remembering some of the high points from my perspective over at PalmSounds today. I thought it was something that should be marked.

Romotive no longer selling the Romo?

I had a recent look at the Romotive web site and noticed that there’s a banner saying that the product is no longer for sale. That doesn’t look good to me. It sounds like they’re not going to be doing Romo anymore, or at least not in its current form. I hope that they’ll continue to do something with robotics as they were really good and I’ve had a lot of fun with my Romos.

Thinking about the Culture Series

I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of the Culture Series from Iain M Banks for a little while now. I’ve only just finished the third book, ‘Use of Weapons’, but even after three books I have to say that these are amazing literary creations. The vision of the Culture itself is amazing, huge, vast in its conception.

I’m not sure I’ve understood everything in each of the three stories so far, but I can say that I’ve enjoyed them immensely. I plan to listen to the entire series, all 10 books, and, when I’ve listened to them all, I’m considering then reading them rather than listening to them all.