Big Finish’s ‘The Doom Coalition’ due tomorrow …

I have to say that Big Finish have got a fantastic line up for the next few months. Tomorrow ‘The Doom Coalition’ comes out, then between now and the end of the year they’ve got:

  • The War Doctor
  • A new UNIT series
  • The next episode of Survivors
  • The Time War (a prequel to the War Doctor)
  • and let’s not forget, Torchwood episodes too

So loads to look forward to, and I am.

Old bits of ‘art’ made with NinerPaint on the Palm OS

I hadn’t seen these in a long time and when I did I thought I’d put them here so you could see the kinds of things I used to do with NinerPaint which was a great art app for Palm OS. So far I haven’t found anything similar in the iOS world. Or perhaps I just haven’t looked hard enough?

That could be it of course, and I should perhaps have another look at some point.