Listening to Laurie Anderson’s “Heart of a Dog”

Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog
Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog

So just a few first impressions really, after only listening through once.

Firstly, I loved it. It was very story focused. It was funny, and sad, and poignant, and beautiful. I really enjoyed listening to it a lot.

So I’m expecting to really enjoy it on all the subsequent listens too.

Reminder: Get extra blocks modules if you’ve backed their kickstarter

I mentioned this before, but I’m going to keep on throughout their Kickstarter campaign just in case it’s worthwhile for someone. If you’ve already back Blocks on Kickstarter, then you can get extra credits by going here (my page) and that gets you credits which allows you to get extra modules (which is the main thing right).

So, if you’ve already backed their kickstarter, then go here and do what it says. If you haven’t and were planning to back the kickstarter, then do that first, then go here. Make sense?