PowerUp 3.0 and the new PowerUp FPV

PowerUp 3
PowerUp 3

I kickstarted this when it came out and it is a load of fun to play around with, but the new FPV looks even better, in fact, truly awesome I’d say. When it comes to Kickstarter again this November I think I’ll be sorely tempted.

So Pebble brings voice activation 

Now things are going to get interesting for Pebble Time, or at least that’s what I’m hoping will happen. There’s already been an app for Pebble using the dictation SDK, but I hope that they’ll be a lot more soon. What I’d really be looking for is something like an audio recording app that allows you to stream the audio into the host device.

That would be cool.

Actually really enjoying the latest New Order album 

On first listen I wasn’t sure about this album. I listened to it again the other day and was actually quite impressed with it. As a long time fan of New Order I was very hopeful that this album would deliver, and whilst it’s taken me a little while to get into it I think it’s done just that.

I’ve been listening to it on Spotify so far, but maybe I should buy it.