I’m impressed by Arpeggio

Arpeggio and companion app
Arpeggio and companion app

I think that this is a really amazing device and it’s doing so well on Kickstarter. I’ve posted about it a lot on PalmSounds, but was impressed and wanted to add it here too. Also, Tangible Instruments did a very nice thing. They included PalmSounds …


Arpeggio Media
Arpeggio Media

Processing 3 arrives

I do like Processing, although it’s been a while since I made anything with it. It looks like Processing is getting even better, with a new user interface which they’re continuing to develop post 3.0.

This comes on the heals of Codepoems, a new IDE for Processing, which I was considering trying out. I’ve no idea of whether or not Codepoems will work with Processing 3, that’s probably the next step for me.

So it’s the first of October 

And October is my favourite month of the year as well. I think it’s a lovely time of year when seasons change and the weather gets colder and more pronounced, and it becomes that time to dust off the winter coat. Also it’s a great time for ale too as the darker ales come out and replace the summer ones.

So, just good stuff to look forward to on the road to Christmas!

nil by mouth finally released properly 

Which is great. I think I need to hear it again and reacquaint myself with it. I hope it does well for Blancmange, and I really hope that they bring some new music out in 2016. I’ve really enjoyed the new stuff and how they’ve revisited their original material too.

Anyway, let’s add it to a playlist on Spotify then.