Doctor Who Unbound – Masters of War

Doctor Who Unbound - Masters of War
Doctor Who Unbound – Masters of War

Another story I picked up with the Davros stories were going cheap and this was pretty good actually. First off, this is David Warner as Doctor Who! How amazing is that! Secondly, Nicholas Courtney is wonderful. He’s sadly missed.

The story itself isn’t bad. It’s ok. Worth a listen. I’ve never listened to any of the unbound collection before, and so I might dip my toe a bit more after this.

Good things coming in Day One version 2.0

I’m a big fan of the Day One journal app. I find it really useful. It seems that there’s a lot of new stuff coming in the next big iteration of the app. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Multiple Journals— In Day One 2.0 you can create and name multiple journals
  • Multiple Photos— A simple and elegant solution for adding multiple photos per entry

It looks like it’ll be really cool, but I hope they won’t mess up a load of other stuff at the same time.