Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

I’d listened to ‘The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul’ a while back, so just the other day I bought myself ‘Holistic Detective Agency’. I think that’s out of sequence, but I doubt that it matters much. Anyway, I started listening to it today. So far, it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Excellent start. As expected.

I’m still hoping for the BBC to make more Dirk Gently after the pilot episode, but no news so far.

Dirk Gently

I’m listening to Harry Enfield play Dirk Gently in the dramatised audiobook at the moment. I didn’t have a proper point of reference for the character or story as my only introduction to it was via the BBC version that came out before Christmas last year.

I decided to give the audiobook a go and so far I’m not disappointed. The story is what I would expect from Douglas Adams, and it has made me chuckle a few times too. That is when I’m not getting lost in it.

Still it is quite fun and it has a good cast too.