Wet November

Almost half way through November now and it has been wet. Not torrential type rain, but damp. The kind of damp that makes you cold just thinking about it.

It isn’t raining today but it feels damp and cold outside.

After Guy Fawkes November feels like a waiting room for Christmas. I don’t want to get into the whole pre-Christmas mayhem as yet, but it is almost as if there’s nothing else to do or look forward to except Christmas, then new year, then the slow journey into spring.

Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and start getting on with Christmas shopping and the like as there’s never enough time usually to get everything sorted out.

I’ll give it some thought anyway.

Clearing Stuff out all the time

I’m always amazed by how much ‘stuff’ I manage to collect and then have to clear out. I seem to be in a perpetual state of getting rid of stuff, and constantly wonder why I bought or acquired this, that, or the other.

I always try not to buy stuff when I think I don’t need it, but even so I’m always getting rid of things and wondering why I ended up with them in the first place!

How does that work then?

Look what I found

I haven’t seen one of these in ages, but in unearthing loads of old cassettes you can find some real treasures. This is a TDK Metal tape with an aluminum body. A great find, and I think they were pretty expensive when they first came out.

I wonder what else I’ll discover?


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You won’t see one of these I’ll bet

I checked the tapedeck site to see if they had one of these in the list of cassettes and they don’t, so I sent them some photos.

I have 3 of these Teac cassettes and I can remember that when I bought them that they were pretty hard to get hold of back then. Now, well I doubt that there would be many of them around any more.

I’ve only got one of the blue ones and the other two are black and not in as good condition.

Beautiful though isn’t it?

Teac reel to reel cassette

I love tape, so I love this …

I’m a fan of Deerful’s music so it was good news when she announced a cassette release. It’s a really nice EP too and very well put togeher.


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When tapes go wrong

I’ve been clearing out old tapes, and when I say old I mean old. Some of the tapes are of my own music so I’ve been converting a few tracks to digital and finding songs that I’d completely forgotten about.

Sadly, one tape seems to have decided to give up and of course it had to be one which had lots of long forgotten treasure (for me anyway).

There’s only one thing for it. I’m going to have to open it up and see if I can splice the tape together, and I haven’t done that for years!

Cassette Store Day 2015: Fostex X-14

I used to have a Fostex X-15, but when it finally gave up I got rid of it. So I got the X-14 to replace it. It’s not as good. It’s ok, but it isn’t the same. Even so, I do like these old cassette 4 tracks. Their kind of awesome.


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