I got a copy of the newer version of True Grit

The new version of True Grit
The new version of True Grit

I have seen this before. I didn’t like it though. I never felt it worked very well and I wasn’t sure of Jeff Bridges’ performance at all. But after seeing the original I wanted to see it again, just to be sure of what I’d made of it originally. I found this copy on eBay for £0.50 so I thought it probably wasn’t too much of a cost to see the film again.

I’ll get to watch it in the next few weeks, and when I do I’ll post some thoughts and comparison type stuff.


Seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens (no spoilers)

Well at last I went to see the new Star Wars film. I went to the iMax at the Science Museum, which is a brilliant place to see the film and a lovely venue all in all.

In some ways I was quite nervous. The original films were a big part of my growing up. The three ‘newer’, or ‘rubbish’ films were such a disappointment that I don’t really count them as Star Wars films at all. So I was worried that it wouldn’t meet expectations. However, it did. I really enjoyed it.

I won’t mention anything about the plot here or give anything away. I think that’s quite an unpleasant thing to do, especially to fans. But it really is a great reboot of the franchise, and a good signal that it’s back on the right track now. I’m glad it’s back.

One of my all time favourite films

True Grit
True Grit

This is a brilliant film. One of the best in my opinion. I love it, and at last it’s great to own a copy. I remember seeing it at the National Film Theatre (now the BFI), years ago and thinking that I really should get a copy. Now I have.

If you haven’t seen it, then I strongly suggest you give it a look.

Watching V for Vendetta

As it is Guy Fawkes night it is my tradition to watch V for Vendetta, which I think was an excellent film. It had a solid message and a really engaging story. I find that every time I watch it I find something new, or understand it just a little more, and I like that. Each time I also want to go deeper into the story.

Last year I read the original book, which is also excellent. So I might read it again.

Ex Machina, what a let down

I was actually looking forward to this film. So I bought it on blinkbox last night. Well I couldn’t have been more disappointed. It was dull, misogynistic, vaguely pornographic for no apparent reason, and with a very poorly thought through plot that was full of holes and inconsistencies.

Also, it was boring. So boring, so pretentious. such a let down. I’m seriously considering asking for my money back.

If you haven’t seen it, then seriously, don’t bother at all. It’s awful.

The Grand Budapest Hotel


I’m a massive fan of Wes Anderson’s movies. I think I’ve enjoyed them all to a greater or lesser degree. However, I think that this might be one of his finest. To date my favourite has been “The Life Aquatic” by far, but this is a worthy rival. I have to say that it had all the best elements of his films, and astonishingly good performances by the entire cast. In fact, I’d probably go so far as to say it was almost flawless.

Ralph Fiennes was incredible. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen him do. I think I’m going to have to watch it again, and again, and again.