8th Doctor: Time Works

Having resumed my listening to the 8th Doctor stories I’ve now nearly finished this one, ‘Time Works’. It’s an interesting story, quite intriguing in many ways although I’m starting to suspect that the outcome of the story is going to be a little more mundane than I’d hoped. Anyway, it’s been a good journey with this story, and that’s what’s it’s about really I suppose.

Star Trek: City on the edge of forever

A completely classic episode, and an excellent story too. This has to be one of my favourite episodes of all time, this and of course the excellent “Piece of the action”, but this one is famous for Joan Collins being the guest star, and she did a very good job of it too.

Even now it stands up well, or at least I think so anyway.

Music Tech Fest

Having been at music tech fest at the weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about mobile music again, and about Palm Sounds again too. There was so much talk about the mobile space it was unreal, and a growing amount talked about in terms of mobile music creation, to a degree anyway.

It revives a number of thoughts and themes that have been going through my head for a while now, and I’m wondering what to do about these ideas.