Listening to Bill Nelson’s “The Practice of Everyday Life”

Not for the faint hearted that’s to be sure. I’ve been a Bill Nelson fan for a very long time, and I knew that I had to get this collection when it came out. It’s 8 CDs and covers everything from his first solo album, through Be Bop Deluxe and Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, and beyond. So far I’ve listened to 5 CDs of the compilation, and I’m just at some of the tracks from “Blue Moons and Laughing Guitars”, which was an excellent album and one I’ve not listened to in a long time.

It’s great to hear all these tracks again, I’m really enjoying listening to it again.

Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden

I watched this the other day. Certainly not one of the best Tom Baker stories, but it is ok. Interesting to see the documentary about the making of the story, and especially the t-shirts they had designed at the end of the filming.

Good to watch, not the greatest execution, but a good story nonethless.