Einstein on the beach

I’ve held off writing about this performance until I’d had some time to think about it. I had very high hopes of this production. I saw ‘The Cave’ some years ago and it was incredible, and I sort of had that in my mind when I went along to see ‘Einstein on the beach’. But they’re not the same in any way.

I can’t say that I really understood any of it at all. It was almost completely incomprehensible. I also thought that a lot of the music was very poor indeed. There were a few sections of the show that I did enjoy. The dance sequences were very good indeed, but on the whole, the show wasn’t worth it in my opinion. I didn’t really enjoy it, or understand it.

It’s a bit of a shame really.

Spotify trial is over

I’ve had my 1 month free of using Spotify premium, and I’ve decided to keep it, for now anyway. I think that how I use it will evolve over time. I’m not sure that I’ve quite got it fitted into my listening patterns, but I think that’ll change and make more sense soon enough.