Doctor Who: Other Lives

I’ve had a bit of a break from the 8th Doctor series, but I’ve decided that it is time to go back and pick up where I left off. So the next in the list of stories to listen to was ‘Other Lives’, which was an interesting story and at times quite touching too. It wasn’t part of a big story arc, and in some ways I quite like that. Sometimes when a story is part of a bigger arc it can end up not having enough of it’s own story and rely too heavily on the arc. Whereas stories that just have to stand on their own can sometimes be more adventurous as they don’t have to time down to closely with some big arc that constrains them.

You could argue that as it’s part of a series anyway it is tied to an arc, and that’s true to an extent as well, but even so I think the idea stands.

Anyway, it was a good story with a few nice twists. I enjoyed it, and it was a good one to get back into the 8th Doctor with.

Cor Limey Pickle

I decided to try out this pickle from the local deli. It’s made by Rebecca at, and it’s fantastic! Very Limey indeed. I think I’ll have to try out some more of her preserves.