Fashion: The Twilight of Idols

I bought this after listening to Fashion’s Fabrique album, or to be correct, an album called “The Height of Fashion”. I had remembered that the second album wasn’t nearly as good, and was in fact a bit of a let down, and after buying it again I remember just what a disappointment it was. There are a couple of reasonable tracks, but the rest are nowhere nearly as good.

What a shame. Never mind though.

Alan Turing exhibition at the Science Museum

I didn’t even know that this exhibition was on at the Science museum, and I was only really there for Music day, so it was a real bonus to see it. Some nice exhibits and a lot of information packed into a very small space. I think I’ll need to see it again at least once if not more times.

Thinking about Romo

I’ve been thinking about what to do next with my Romo, and one thing immediately comes to mind. Using the three output ports at the front. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with those and especially what could be achieved musically using a tiny robot. I guess that’s what’s really interesting.

So I’ve started to gather some information on what the output from the ports is and then I’ll need to start some careful testing too. More on that as it develops.

Doctor Who: Absolution

So, this was the last story with Conrad Westmaas. It wasn’t bad, but I have to be honest in that I didn’t really think that the C’Rizz character was adding anything any more. So I’m intrigued to hear how the next stories work out.

My next soldering project is going to be …

And Arduino Wave Shield Kit. Which, I have to say is a little bit of a reach for me, but, I really think that making this and then using it will be a big step forward for me in terms of my Arduino experiments, which I really want to take into a more audio / musical direction. So this is, I think, the best way forward.

I’ll post shots of the board as I make progress on it.

Music day at Exhibition Road

I was around Exhibition Road for part of Music day this year. I missed it the last time it was on, so I was glad to be able to go this year. I managed to catch a few musical moments, one of which was a performance of a piece that was inspired by the hall of the modern world in the Science Museum.

It wasn’t bad at all. Quite ponderous and slow and thoughtful, but I enjoyed it a lot in the end. I’m glad I went, and I hope that music day keeps going, it certainly made it a more interesting trip.

Pd on Android

Getting Pd up and running on an Android device. Good to see it running, but I do wonder what I’ll do with it next.