Beneath, Escape, Conquest

Obviously planet of the apes films! I’m just finishing off conquest, which is my favourite of them all, and it is great to watch them again all in sequence. It really brings the films to life and shows you just what a great concept they were.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with these films. I think they’ve stood the test of time and they still work well together. Of course you couldn’t make films like that now. They are slow, ponderous and thoughtful that I’m not sure they’d work cold for a modern audience. I think that was also shown by the terrible remake that came out.

I’m enjoying these immensely and looking forward to watching the lot and the documentary DVD at the end as well.

‘Death in Blackpool’ (Doctor Who)

I listened to this CD today. It is the first episode of season 4 of the 8th Doctor. Overall not a bad story, by no means the best, but pretty significant in many any other ways!

I’m still enjoying the 8th Doctor series of stories, there’s some fantastic stuff in there. So I’m looking to the rest of season 4, and I’m hoping that there will be a season 5.

Learning more about Android

Whilst this post isn’t about NanoLoop it is about how things are different between iOS and Android.

I’m starting to get better at that, and better at understanding the way Android works. The guide book I bought the other day has help to turn the corner a little, and I’m starting to see some ways I can make better use of what Android has to offer.

Getting Serious about Android (at last)

I bought this a couple of weeks ago with the intention of getting more serious about doing stuff with my Android device, or rather devices as I seem to have 2 now. I’m going to give it a proper go and see if I can’t do something meaningful with these very soon.

I guess I haven’t really explored the possibilities of Android properly and I should sort that out.

So hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be posting on how I’m using Android more successfully, and not just for music related things either.

Say hello to Sunday

Sunday can be an odd day. Sometimes a day of rest, other times the exact opposite. Sometimes with now discernible structure to it, and other times far too much. I find it an odd day to get to grips with. Especially at the moment. Sunday seems to play a strange game with me, giving me the impression that I have plenty of time to get all of those things done that have been mounting up all week, and more indeed, and yet I know that there isn’t time and it is just an illusion!

A bit to metaphysical for a Sunday afternoon perhaps? I think so. I should just go back to making some music and ignoring the bills that need paying!