A page to contain details of my current workflows (mainly music, but others possibly too)

I decided that I would set up this page to show the workflows that I commonly use. I thought that they might be useful and also that I might get some feedback on how I do things.

Daily workflow with Wotja

This is a year long experiment that I started on the 1st of January 2020.


My daily track workflow always starts in Wotja. I create a track, usually using TTM (text to music).

Wotja main screen on my iPhone


AudioShare is where I do loads of audio editing. It truly is a swiss army knife of audio manipulation. Especially on iOS.

Waveform Display in AudioShare


I’ve been using a daily journal for some years, and DayOne for a major part of that time.

I have a special journal for audio, and that’s where the Wotja tracks go.

DayOne Audio Journal

An example

Here’s an example, in fact the first example on this year long experiment.

This is the first of my daily Wotja tracks from the 1st of January 2020

Next workflows

I plan to post more workflows here as they develop and present themselves. The ones I think might come next are …

  • Field recording
  • Endlesss workflow

There may be more too.

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