Old Palm OS Apps

I’ve been a Palm user for a very long time, and I’ve even made a few applications for the old platform., please remember if you use these they are very old and run on the ‘old’ Palm OS, and not new Palm webOS (not that webOS is actually very new anymore of course).

Some of these you can actually download (if you want to, no pressure of course), take a look on the downloads page and see what’s there.


Beepo was the first app I ever made for Palm OS, and it isn’t that useful to be honest, but it is free!

BeePo does pretty much what you’d expect. It makes beeps. It runs on old Palm OS, and not webOS.


This is a little drum app that has a bunch of pads for you to play and mess about with. The app records your pad hits and the plays them back. It is very simple, very simple indeed.


You can probably guess what kind of app this is. Yep, that’s right, it makes random drum patterns. You can determine the length and some other stuff too.


sQeeQ is a bit more experimental then the previous apps, it creates random melodies. I like random stuff! There’s more info on sQeeQ in a few old posts at PalmSounds which you can find here.


This isn’t a terribly useful app, but fun to play with for a few minutes maybe. Not much more though, I mean, seriously not much more at all.

So as you can see I’ve made some fairly esoteric stuff over time and I’ve had some fun with that too.

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