Doctor Who, The Jupiter Conjunction

4th Doctor, The Jupiter Conjunction
4th Doctor, The Jupiter Conjunction

I finished listening to this today. I got it on sale when Big Finish put a bunch of 4th Doctor stories on sale for Peter Davison’s birthday. It was a great story. Really good. A real classic style story. It’s made me think I should possibly go back to getting the regular monthly series again. Maybe.

Goodbye Gareth, you will be missed

I can’t believe that I didn’t pick up on this last week, and I also can’t believe that Gareth Thomas has died. What a shame, only 71 as well, that’s not old these days. He was brilliant as Blake in Blake’s 7, which is a great favourite of mine. I feel like the world of Blake’s 7 is much smaller as a result.

I’m also thinking that I should now re-watch the entire TV series and also re-listen to all the audiobooks. That could take quite a while, but would of course be worth it.

I also wonder what Big Finish will do now in terms of the next step for their audio series for Blake’s 7? I do hope that they continue it somehow.