Field Recording: Some more waves from Lyme Regis

Another recording of the waves from Lyme Regis beach.

Old Vinyl: Fashion, Love Shadow 12″

Fashion, Love Shadow 12"
Fashion, Love Shadow 12″
Fashion, Love Shadow 2x12"
Fashion, Love Shadow 2×12″

I was buying old vinyl from one of my favourite record shops and came across this. I used to be a big Fashion fan, or rather I really like their old stuff, so when I found this I had to grab it.

I especially like the ‘home taping’ warning on the sleeve. I always thought that home taping was easier than going around a mate’s house to do it!

Happy (belated) Birthday Apple

So Apple is 40 now, or at least a few days ago anyway. It’s somewhat amazing to think they’ve been around that long. However, it’s great to know that 40 can be quite so cool. That makes me feel good anyway. I hope that they keep making cool stuff. Of late I’ve found that their stuff hasn’t been quite as reliable as it used to be. I’d like to think that they’ll continue to be innovative. I think it’s been hard to innovate in the mobile space for a while, but that’s what they need to do, that’s what the market needs.