A VL-1 thing?

My old VL-Tone
My old VL-Tone

So here’s my old Casio VL-Tone, the VL-1. I loved these little devices. In many ways they are where my journey into electronic music began.

So I’m doing something to do with Casio VL-Tones soon. It’s not a big thing, but it’ll be a fun thing.

Near Future’s new single

I bought this single last week, and I’ve been playing it a lot ever since. It’s actually really good. In fact, it’s a lot like the kind of music I think that Neil Arthur should be making with Blancmange. So it was a big strange really to be listening to it when it wasn’t by Blancmange.

I’m looking forward to Near Future making a full album, especially if it’s anything like the single it’ll be brilliant.