And new things coming from Mr Arthur then!

It’s good to hear that Neil Arthur is doing even more music. Hot on the heals of the latest Blancmange album ‘Commuter 23’ (I’m still listening to it and thinking about how I feel about it), he’s into a new musical exploit called ‘Near Future’. I just missed out on getting a signed CD of their first single, which was annoying. Never mind. I’ll have to wait for it to come out later in the month.

And another thing, what’s happening with the next Heaven 17 album?

I’m sure that this was coming a while back now. As far as I can remember they mentioned it at one of their live shows ages ago. When I say ages I mean over a year ago. Even so, I’m sure it was coming out soon and I’ve heard nothing about it since, which is a shame really as the one or two tracks they played at that gig sounded really promising.

Whatever happened to Ian Craig Marsh?

I’ve been a fan of Heaven 17 for years and years, and I’ve really enjoyed their recent shows but it does make me think of a few things, one of which is, whatever happened to Ian Craig Marsh? He was a big part of Heaven 17 and of course The Human League before that, but now, according to Wikipedia, he’s a music teacher. No more information than that.

That’s fine, but a shame for fans on H17.