The SoundLab Play Space is coming …

SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Cover
SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Cover
SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Inside
SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Inside
SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Back
SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Back

I’ve been working on this event for a while now and I think it’ll be completely amazing, or at least I hope so anyway. It’s starting to shape up now and really come together.

If you’re interested in attending or being a part of it in some way, then take a look at this page on the SoundLab web site.

Listening to Blemish again

Blemish cover
Blemish cover

This is a difficult album. Not an easy listen at all. I remember when it first came out, it left a lot of people cold, and I think that back then I wasn’t sure what to make of it either.

Now I find that I actually quite like it. Even the contributions from Derek Bailey, which were very difficult listening. I like the album now. But it does require a more concentrated form of listening. Something more focused. It isn’t the kind of listening that I can do casually.

But I think it’s an album that’s worth listening to every now and then.

So I went to the Abbey Road Red launch, and it was pretty nice actually

Abbey Road Red Launch Event
Abbey Road Red Launch Event

So, last night I was at the launch of Abbey Road Red, a new music tech incubator at the iconic studios. It was a lovely event with some really nice tech companies showing off what they had to offer. Matthew Herbert performed and it was all pretty awesome overall.

To be honest I’m glad to be invited to these kinds of things. It’s nice to be a part of it.

What will the littlebits app expand to?

I really like littleBits. That’s no surprise I’m sure, so I was very pleased to see their new iOS app arrive on the store a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nice little app, it’s a start though. A good start, but still, a start. I hope that they expand on it and make it a more integrated part of the littleBits ecosystem.

I’d like to see the app be able to connect into the MIDI bit. After all, it has a USB connector, so why not? From there I’d like to see some functionality in the app to be able to control hardware. MIDI is a great place to start of course, so why not there. That in itself would work well for me. Of course the other logical place to go would be with the cloudBit. That’s a pretty obvious thing to do, and of course probably easier than MIDI, and more mass market appeal too.

I hope that littleBits do develop the app and their ideas for it, as it is, whilst it’s fun and nice to see what others are doing it isn’t going to be enough for long.

Listening to David Sylvian’s albums again

After getting Hypergraphia yesterday and starting to read it I thought I’d start to listen to some of Mr Sylvian’s albums again. I haven’t listened to some of them for a long time and a few of them only a handful of times.

So today I started to listen to:

  • Blemish
  • The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter
  • Manafon

These are, at times, difficult albums. Having said that, “The Good Son vs The Only Daughter” is one of my favourites.

So I’ll post some thoughts in a few days when I’ve had a chance to listen to these properly. I’m looking forward to this revisit.

Listening to the Doom Coalition 1

Quite enjoying the Doom Coalition first box set so far. It’s pretty good. Sort of a bit of a follow on from Dark Eyes in a way, not that I actually listened to all of them only the first two. Although, now I actually would quite like to get the rest of the Dark Eyes stories.

Anyway, I think Doom Coalition is going to be a good series if the first box set is anything to go by.