Big Finish releases the latest episode of Torchwood: Forgotten Lives

Torchwood forgotten lives
Torchwood forgotten lives

Great to see Eve Myles and Kai Owen back in their characters. I’m looking forward to hearing this story soon.

After listening to Survivors series 3

I have to say it was another good series. It moved the story on in a similar but slightly different direction to what’s gone before. I like that. If I have any complaints at all, and really, I don’t, it’s that I would’ve wanted something just a little more dramatic. It was good though.

I really like what Big Finish have done with it. Not just because I like the fact that Survivors is still going because of them, but because of the way they’ve put it together, keeping the feel of the original, and even some of the original cast, but expanding it and taking it in new and yet consistent directions.

I won’t give any spoilers though.

A little reminder, it’s Movember

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Science Museum: Ada Lovelace

I was quite surprised that it was actually quite a small exhibition for a character as important as Ada Lovelace. Even so, it was a nice little exhibition with some interesting facts. I’m sure they could’ve found more, I’m sure they could’ve got hold of more stuff about her, but anyway, I’m glad that they at least had an exhibition about her. That’s something.