Survivors Series 3 got released

Survivors 3
Survivors 3

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since the last release back in June. I’m so pleased that they released it and kept the story going. If this is anything like as good as the last 2 releases it’ll be amazing. When I’ve listened to it I’ll let you know the verdict.

A visit to the Science Museum: “Cosmonauts, Birth of the Space Age”

I’ve always been interested in space. I’ve always been interested in the history of it and this exhibition reminded me about a lot of the things I’d heard about and lived through in the 70’s. When the space race was at its height, when the USSR was launching Soyuz missions and the Salyut Space Station was being used. There was so much good stuff in there, so many interesting artifacts.

It was exciting. It was amazing, and this exhibition took me back there and reminded me a lot of what it had been like when those events happened. I think it’s also given my interest in space a bit of a nudge too. I’ve always been interested, but I haven’t done much about it for a long time. Perhaps I should now, perhaps I will.