Watching V for Vendetta

As it is Guy Fawkes night it is my tradition to watch V for Vendetta, which I think was an excellent film. It had a solid message and a really engaging story. I find that every time I watch it I find something new, or understand it just a little more, and I like that. Each time I also want to go deeper into the story.

Last year I read the original book, which is also excellent. So I might read it again.

Another little reminder about the SoundLab Playspace, coming soon

SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Cover
SoundLab Play Space Leaflet, Cover

Just another little reminder about this event will be completely amazing, or at least I hope so anyway. It’s starting to shape up now and really come together.

If you’re interested in attending or being a part of it in some way, then take a look at this page on the SoundLab web site.