The Ethometric Museum

I saw the Ethometric Museum again last night. This time at the Battersea Arts Centre. The performance was exactly as I remembered it, but as it wasn’t in a cellar this time there was no need for hard hats.

I got to take a few more pictures than last time in Edinburgh, so I thought I’d share the pictures of these amazing machines.

Experiments in listening

I’ve been using Spotify for over a month now and it is really starting to fit into my listening process. It’s interesting to listen and subscribe to other people’s playlists, and a little strange too, almost like snooping in some ways.

I’ve also subscribed to some playlists from the Field Day festival, and again, that’s quite interesting too, and a good way to get to hear some of the acts that I’ve not listened to before.

So I start to wonder about the differences between owning and renting music and how my view of music ownership is changing.

Raspberry Pi is ordered!

I got my email today inviting me to order my Raspberry Pi. So I did! Only three weeks to wait until it gets delivered now. I’ve already seen some really interesting projects I want to try out with it.

The Master Returns!

Awesome! The latest Tom Baker audio story has arrived, and with it, the Master returns! How amazing is that? I’m looking forward to listening to this one, maybe at the weekend.

Love that Jam

Another lovely preserve from no.98 with a really unique flavour. Again, I got this from Cullenders, which is an excellent deli.

The Squid still works on the Lion

I tried the old Synchopoolp app on my OSX Lion Mac but I didn’t really have any hope that it would run. I was wrong. It worked just fine. It synced a bhajis file from my T3 and it rendered out all of the tracks as separate .wav files too. No problem. Amazing to find that this software still works after all this time.

That really is a great bit of software. What else would you expect though?