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Edinburgh Fringe 2015: Shakespeare for Breakfast

Ed Fringe 2015: Shakespeare for Breakfast
Ed Fringe 2015: Shakespeare for Breakfast

I’ve been to see Shakespeare for Breakfast almost every year I’ve been to the Fringe. It’s always amazing. It’s always great fun. This year was no different at all. It was brilliant. It was Hamlet.

Shakespeare for Breakfast is a difficult thing to explain if you’ve never seen it before. It’s Shakespeare, sure, but it isn’t like any kind of Shakespeare you’ve seen before. It’s fun, it’s current, it’s witty and it’s over in an hour. Added to that you get a coffee and a croissant in the bargain. Not bad for the Fringe, not bad at all.

So if you ever go the Fringe you should try out Shakespeare for Breakfast and see if you like it.