Doctor Who and The Drosten’s Curse … Some thoughts now I’ve finished it …

Doctor Who and the Drosten's Curse
Doctor Who and the Drosten’s Curse Audio Book

So I’ve finished listening to this audiobook. Strangely, just after I’d finished it I was in Edinburgh and at the book festival and found the hardback version of the title. I’m not sure I’d have bought that after listening to the book.

Anyway, I said I’d put down some thoughts on this book once I’d finished it. So here goes.

I did enjoy this audiobook, but it wasn’t the best Doctor Who story I’ve ever heard. It was funny, very much in the style of Douglas Adams, but almost a bit too much Douglas Adams for me. It was like it was written to emulate one of his stories but went too far. To begin with it was fine, actually quite fun and very amusing, and the style of the narrator complimented the writing completely. But it felt like the style and the wit of the book had overwhelmed the story itself. It wasn’t a bad story, not at all, but if I had been expecting a story like a Douglas Adams, I was going to be disappointed. In fact, I was disappointed.

The story itself wasn’t bad, it was ok, but it wasn’t a Douglas Adams story. I did enjoy it overall, and it had a good ending, I won’t spoil it for you though, in case you do listen to it or read it.

I’m not sure I’d recommend it though. If you’re interested in newly written Dr Who stories I’d recommend engines of war, that’s a great story. This one was ok, but I can’t imagine myself listening to it again, or buying the actual book.

So, try it if you like, but if you’re after something substantial then I think you’ll be disappointed. That’s my view anyway.