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And that was the Beautiful Octopus Club 2015

BOC at RFH 2015
BOC at RFH 2015

This was the third time I’ve done SoundLab at the Beautiful Octopus Club. It’s a fantastic event, and if you’ve never been I strongly encourage you to go next year. You’ll love it. It’s awesome.

Once again SoundLab was well received even though we were much smaller than last year and occupied our usual space just behind the shop in the RFH. Of course, we had a great time and everyone who visited seemed to really enjoy themselves. I think that the only downside of being a part of SoundLab for the BOC is that you don’t get the opportunity to see the rest of the event. BOC has so much to offer and for three years I’ve only seen my little bit of it. Which is a shame. So next year I’m considering just turning up to watch and participate.

Let’s see if I can manage that!