Pebble Watch update


A little update on how I’m getting on with my Pebble. Firmware 1.1 was a big improvement in functionality although it still has a way to go. It’s good to see that the developers are still pumping out updates.

The next big thing is the app SDK. Pebble is capable of supporting multiple apps and I can think of a number ideas for some I’d like to see.

  • A camera remote app that lets me trigger the front or rear cameras on my iPhone from my pebble, or indeed record video
  • A simple app that tells me that I’ve moved out of range of my phone’s bluetooth
  • A finder app for my phone
  • An app to trigger a field recording

I’d also like to see a more modular approach to watch faces for the pebble. Not just date and time, but more information about social media etc. All on the same watch face.