Climbing up trees, mainly in the rain


I do enjoy climbing, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, rocks, walls, or trees. However, after several hours of Go Ape today in the rain I think I’ve decided that fair weather climbing is mainly for me as climbing in the pouring rain isn’t nearly as much fun as doing it in the sunshine.

Still, it’s an experience right? I suppose so. I can say that I’ve done a Go Ape course in the rain. Most people wouldn’t be able to say that. There’s a reason for that you know.

Palm Sounds is 7 and there is cake


And what a 7 years it has been. I do like the number 7, in fact it’s my favourite number if I can be said to have such a thing. So today I’m thinking about Palm Sounds and wondering about where it will go next.

Beautiful vinyl

I’m pretty sure that I had this when it first came out, but I’ve just got it again as I’m collecting vinyl once more. It was a beautiful release back then, and still looks and sounds great today.

Molecule Synth news and pictures

Good to see more features coming along to molecule synth. Looks like there’s plenty to look forward to in the not too distant future, and new features that are going to make it easier to interface with other hardware.

IFTTT Getting more and more Physical

I find it quite interesting to see how IFTTT (If This Then That) is continuing to move from just automating the social web into the internet of things. Of course, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that IFTTT just automates the social web. It’s a huge accomplishment to do it in a way that is simple and easy to use for just about anyone. But for IFTTT to connect social networks and real world devices in the same simple and elegant way is really impressive.

It makes me wonder where they’ll go next. I’d like to see some more social channels and more functionality, nothing major, simple things like multiple twitter accounts and the like. But most of all I’d like to see an iOS app from IFTTT to connect and orchestrate everything. They promised one a while back. I hope they come up with the goods soon.

Getting back to the internet of things and IFTTT I’ve been impressed with their integration of Belkin’s WeMo hardware, and now Philips Hue, but I’d like to see support for Pebble and Twine. Pebble has been talked about but not Twine, at least not so far anyway.

I’m sure that IFTTT will continue to pull more coolness out of the bag. I’m looking forward to it.

Doctor Who: Myths and Legends

A great box set of Who stories which is rounding off my collection of Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor stories.

The Forbidden Planet


I’ve loved this film for years and years, and I’ve only just got a copy of it at last. It’s amazing to think that it was made in 1956. The story still leaves me with questions, and the concepts are as relevant today as they were then.

The design and art are incredible, and I’d love to be able to walk around the krell machines to see them better.