Actions for iPad could be the automation I’ve been looking for, maybe

Actions for iPad presents as another interesting possibility for automating things. This time automating the use of your Mac from your iPad. Here’s what the app store description says:

Control your computer applications in the best way, your way.

Advanced but incredibly simple to use, Actions is a revolutionary app that lets you interact more naturally with your computer, thanks to your beloved iPad.

You can send a wide variety of commands (see the list below) to any software with a tap and create your personal palette for each one. Your most used actions will be always lying directly at your side, handily and neatly organized in Sets and Subsets.

Each Set is completely customizable with different colors and many icons (+900!), and contextual aware: change app on your computer and your iPad will always show you the right set of actions, it’s automagic!

Actions covers universal digital needs: you can both improve and streamline you workflow with massive softwares as Adobe Suite’s and idly control your everyday apps with ease, or even iTunes remotely from the warm side of your sofa.

Direct manipulation and instant feedback lets you save time and frustrations, transforming your digital experience in something new, closer to the future of computer interaction.

Compose your palette choosing from a wide variety of actions:

  • hotkeys
  • system commands
  • media controls
  • windows handling
  • launch webpages
  • create email templates
  • text snippets



  • Mac & Win compatibility
  • Wi-fi syncing with auto-reconnection
  • Works in landscape and portrait
  • Organize your actions in Sets and Subsets
  • Highly customizable (Sizes, Colors & Icons)
  • 900 icons to choose from for your touchpads
  • Multitouch gestures for most used actions
  • Automatic set switching
  • Target actions to a specific app
  • Backup and exchange your sets with your friends
  • Built in presets for the most popular applications, such as:


Ableton Live, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, Evernote, Excel, Internet Explorer, Final Cut, Finder, Firefox, Garageband, Chrome, iCal, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Keynote, Logic Pro, Mail, Notes, Numbers, Outlook, Pages, Pixelmator, Powerpoint, Reeder, Reminders, Safari, TextEdit, Vlc, Word, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Media Player.

I’m going to see what it can do as it’s only £2.49, which isn’t much more than a coffee, so it’s not like it’s a big investment. Also, the developers have an interesting feature in the works involving macros which could be really useful.

Actions for iPad - Usefool Apps