Thanks Netflix, for being completely rubbish

I have been slowly watching every episode of every iteration of Stargate that there is. I’ve watched Stargate SG1, Stargate Universe, and I had almost completed all of Stargate Atlantis when Netflix dropped it. I was 4 episodes away from having watched the whole thing, every series of every version, and now I can’t!

Well thanks a bunch Netflix! No warnings, no news, nothing at all. That is nothing short of poor service. Other streaming TV services put dates on stuff so you know when it’s disappearing. Some even have categories for ‘leaving soon’ so you can be aware of it. Netflix? Nope, that’s not how they do things. They prefer to keep you in the dark and then annoy you for no reason whatsoever. How rubbish is that?

So I have to seriously consider whether they’re any good anymore. Whether I should keep this service. Their range and choice is seriously diminished these days anyway, so maybe it’s time to say goodbye. They obviously don’t care about customers either do they?

It’s a shame, a real shame, and it could be avoided so easily.

Reminder: The wisdom of Pullo

I have mentioned this before, but I was a big fan of Rome when it was on and I think I’ve watched it several times since then. One of the best things about Rome was legionary Pullo and his amazing, and at times quite inappropriate sayings. He came out with some absolute classics and I didn’t want them to be lost. So I had an idea to set up a twitter account (a twitter bot really) which would tweet some of his best everyday.

So if you want to follow this twitter account which will tweet his wisdom every day. You can find it here.