Trying out Beer 52

A first box from Beers 52
A first box from Beers 52

So I found out about this company from the GBBF programme, and I decided to try them out. I got an offer for the first box at half price, and it seemed like a good point to try this out.

So the first box arrived and had an eclectic selection of beers. I was also pleased to see this little extra in there …

Something from Beers52
Something from Beers52

Which was nice. I thought that the first beer I’d try out would be this one …

Soundwave beer
Soundwave beer

Because I thought that the name was excellent. However, when I poured it out of the bottle, this is what I got …

Soundwave IPA in the glass
Soundwave IPA in the glass

Which isn’t what I was really looking for, and wasn’t really a great start as far as I was concerned. I contacted Beers 52 about it, but didn’t really get the answer I was looking for sadly.

So far, the other beers I’ve tried from the box have been pretty good, but this one, the first one, was a disappointment as far I was concerned, and not the result I was after.


  1. Disappointing to say the least, seams the company is flooding the market with a below average product, and all they are good at is underhand tactics to flog cheap beer….


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