New things coming from Big Finish

There’s some great new stories coming from Big Finish in the not too distant future, and I’m really looking forward to them coming out. I think it’s interesting the directions that Big Finish have decided to take with some of their new ideas. It’s an interesting way to blend together the original (or as I think of it, best) Doctor Who, with some of the better elements (or more like the elements that I think are actually worth watching at all) of the new Doctor Who.

Big Finish are going to produce, or rather have produced two new box sets. The first is the story of River Song. I thought she was a good character in the new Doctor Who, and in some ways overshadowed the Doctor himself. It’ll be good to hear a whole box set of stories around her character.

The second box set is about Winston Churchill and is voiced by Ian McNeice. I thought that he was great as Winston in Doctor Who, so again it’ll be good to hear these stories.

There’s a bit of a wait for both of these, they’re not available until January next year.