And my Pebble Time is on its way

Hopefully I won’t have too long to wait until it arrives, although it does have a fair distance to travel. I’m really interested in seeing how it compares to the original Pebble smartwatch and what sort of functionality I can get out of it compared to the Apple Watch. Not that I have an Apple Watch, but it’ll be interesting nevertheless.

I also want to see how it works with both iOS and Android and work out what’s best and where the most interesting and useful interactions come from. So expect Pebble Time posts in the coming weeks.

Survivors Sound Design

I’ve been listening to Big Finish’s Survivors series one again and this time in a very quiet environment. One of the things that’s struck me is that the sound design on this audiobook is actually amazing. The attention to detail in it was something that I found amazing when I listened to it closely and without distraction, interruption or noise. From the reworking of the original soundtrack to the atmospheric incidental audio and music, to the sound effects and stereo field. It’s very impressive indeed.

Of course it does make me realise just how poor my normal listening environment is. It makes me realise just how much I’m missing from a lot of the audio I listen to, or rather, consume, as I think that it’s more like that than real listening, or deep listening.