Tinkering with App Inventor (again)

Spent a bit more time with Android app inventor recently. It is such a simple and straightforward way of constructing stuff for Android devices. But it also serves as a great reminder that if you don’t flex your programming skills (however meager they may be) once in a while you will find them almost non-existent when you try to use them again.

Hmm, point taken!

The Many Coloured Land

I read the 4 books of the Saga of the exiles years ago, in fact a lot of years ago. Anyway, it’s one of these books that I’ve always thought about reading again, but I know I’d never get around to it. Then I found it as an audio book. Only the first book sadly, but I thought I’d get it anyway.

It’s fun so far, not wonderful. The story is ok, but the narration leaves something to be desired. I’ll probably stick with it, and my real hope is that they bring the other 3 books out as audio books too. If they don’t it’ll be a real shame.

True Grit (again)

I was really disappointed watching True Grit on channel 4 the other day as it had been cut quite a lot, in fact one of my favourite lines was cut!

Anyway, I complained to Film 4 and the emailed me back apologising to me. Apparently they’d put the wrong version on and they’re going to show it again on Friday!