And then Palm Sounds was 5

I was thinking about this just the other day. A strange feeling when something you’ve been doing for such a long time turns a significant corner. Not that perhaps 5 years is very significant, but it does feel like a big number.

Sometimes I can’t believe that it has been going that long. It makes me wonder where it will go next. Will it still be there in another 5 years, or will it still be relevant or needed. In many ways pointless questions I know, but the kind of thing that your mind churns over in idle moments. Or at least mine does.

Anyway, I didn’t really mention it when the Palm Sounds 5th birthday thing was going on and I kept meaning to, so now I’ve done it, better late than never.

The moment has been marked.


I watched what I assume was the final episode of Caprica the other night. I shan’t spoil the story for you if it is something that you might watch at some point, but the series has been on my mind for a while now so I thought I’d jot down a few notes about it.

I was really pleased that there was going to be a BSG prequel. I really enjoyed BSG and the thought of something that would run right up to the start of the series was a great idea.

Although I found Caprica slow and at times overly complex, it was in many ways very similar in structure to BSG and so there was a common theme within it, That worked, and worked well I thought, but I could understand people finding it too slow and intricate to stick with. Taken together, then entire BSG stories form an amazing re-telling of the original 80’s series. If you put them side by side I think it could be hard to recognise one as the start point for the other even though they share many of the same characters.

Caprica, even though it is a prequel almost defined the point at which BSG diverged from the original, which is a strange way to tell a story, but for me it worked.

I think at some point I’d like to watch the whole thing again, but perhaps that might be too big an undertaking, and perhaps it would damage my memory of BSG as can often happen when you re-watch something.

I’m glad I stuck with Caprica. I wish there was something else that could come from the BSG universe, but I can’t see how. Maybe the franchise has run it’s course, but then again, money talks and with the following it has perhaps someone will want to squeeze more out of it. If they do I’ll give it a go, but I hope it isn’t at the expense of quality.