Here are a few of my favourite Barcodas barcodes

I do love Barcodas (which is an iOS app if you didn’t know), and so I thought I’d put together a page of some of my favourite barcodes, which, if you scan them with Barcodas, you can play. I like them, and if you have the app, you might too. If you don’t, then you’ll find this all pretty meaningless.

Sadly Barcodas doesn’t seem to work on the latest version of iOS, and as far as I’m aware it hasn’t been updated since 2015. It’s a shame, but that’s the way things go I guess.


Sadly the Barcodas app no longer works on more recent versions of the iOS operating system. It hasn’t been updated for quite some time now. It’s a shame, but it isn’t unexpected at all.

If, by some strange quirk of fate you do have a device with Barcodas working on it, then please feel free to use any of the above. And, more importantly, please let me know.

Please be aware that this page is no longer actively updated for a variety of possible reasons. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the page, and feel free to look around at some other stuff on the site, and please let me know what you think.

Barcodas Page updated

If you’re interested I’ve just updated my page of Barcodas barcodes as I’ve added a couple of new ones. I often wonder if it’s just me that is interested in barcode music. So I checked on twitter to see if this was in fact the case. Aside from my tweets about barcodes I can find…

Barcodas page now up

This will be of limited interest but I thought I’d post it anyway as its of interest to me. You can find my page of barcodes that play a nice little tune in Barcodas (an iOS app that plays barcodes), can be found here. I’ll be adding to it over time, so if you are…

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