Well done Miselu

It was just great to see this project finally get to kickstarter today. It’s already achieved over a third of its funding target in just one day, and I think it’ll do really well.

And it’s great to have played a very small part in this.

Romo returns!

It has been just over a week since I sent my Romo off to Germany to have his main board’s firmware updated to work with an EU smartphone. He’s back, and he works just fine now. In fact, he seems to be as good as new.

After all this time it’s great to be playing around with my Romo and enjoying such a clever idea. Now I want more from my Romo apps already!

More Processing on the iPad

After being a little disappointed by the first Processing app for iOS I found this one, called PR0C0DIN6, which seems to have a lot more possibilities, and the editor is much simpler to use. So I’ll let you know soon how this one works out.

If you want to check it out on the app store it costs £2.99, which I didn’t think is too bad as it’s a universal app.

PR0C0D1N6 - Michael Markert