Getting the Donut

Now that I’m back to using my iPad for music again I thought I’d have another go at Donut, and suddenly, it really clicked. I used it to record some vocal cut ups and it was wonderful, or that is to say, I really enjoyed it anyway.

I really do love The Strange Agency. They’re amazing!

CP 1919

As I mentioned The Strange Agency’s new app ‘MegaCurtis’ the other day I thought I’d give CP 1919 a run again as I haven’t used it for a while. What an amazing app for very experimental sounds. I think I love all of the Strange Agency’s work, but I’m not sure I could pick a favourite out from their apps.

CP 1919 - The Strange Agency LLC

iPad 2 is usable again

It isn’t pretty, but at least it can be used again. I put a screen protector sheet over the smashed screen so that I can now move my finger over it without cutting it to shreds. It is functional, but not very nice to look at.

Roll on iPad 3 I say!

2011 ended with a real smash!

Sadly it was the screen of my iPad 2 that was smashed! Not a great way to end the year, but on the up side it means I have an excellent excuse to buy an iPad 3 when they come out this year!