Listening to Blemish again

Blemish cover
Blemish cover

This is a difficult album. Not an easy listen at all. I remember when it first came out, it left a lot of people cold, and I think that back then I wasn’t sure what to make of it either.

Now I find that I actually quite like it. Even the contributions from Derek Bailey, which were very difficult listening. I like the album now. But it does require a more concentrated form of listening. Something more focused. It isn’t the kind of listening that I can do casually.

But I think it’s an album that’s worth listening to every now and then.

Listening to David Sylvian’s albums again

After getting Hypergraphia yesterday and starting to read it I thought I’d start to listen to some of Mr Sylvian’s albums again. I haven’t listened to some of them for a long time and a few of them only a handful of times.

So today I started to listen to:

  • Blemish
  • The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter
  • Manafon

These are, at times, difficult albums. Having said that, “The Good Son vs The Only Daughter” is one of my favourites.

So I’ll post some thoughts in a few days when I’ve had a chance to listen to these properly. I’m looking forward to this revisit.

Cassette Store Day 2015: Favourite Cassettes – Jean the Birdman

Jean the Birdman Cassette Single
Jean the Birdman Cassette Single

It was a bit of a surprise collaboration in my opinion, but a good one, and this is one of the songs I liked the most from the album.

Cassette singles are such an anachronism but I love them, so I had to keep this one.

I can’t believe that Sylvian’s new release is sold out already

I’ve missed it. I’m really annoyed about that. I’ve checked the confront recordings site and it confirms that it’s sold out. How irritating is that! I didn’t even know it was going to be a limited edition release. I thought I’d just be able to get a digital edition.

I guess I could look for a copy on eBay and pay too much for it. I’m not really happy about it all. Sort of annoyed with myself too.

David Sylvian’s book … Hypergraphia

David Sylvian's Hypergraphia
David Sylvian’s Hypergraphia

So Mr Sylvian has a new book coming out in November. There’s a micro site dedicated to it already and it looks interesting. As a fan I’ve already ordered my copy although I didn’t get a chance to get one of the signed copies. Never mind.

As you’d expect it looks pretty beautiful inside too.

David Sylvian's Hypergraphia, inside
David Sylvian’s Hypergraphia, inside

Personally I’d prefer it if he released some new music too, but I’ll settle for this. I’m sure it’ll be an enlightening read.

David Sylvian's Hypergraphia, inside
David Sylvian’s Hypergraphia, inside

So there is something new coming from Mr Sylvian

Playing the Schoolhouse by David Sylvian
Playing the Schoolhouse by David Sylvian

Well this is great news from Confrontrecordings …

“Scheduled for a mid-September release on Confront Recordings; Playing The Schoolhouse, a new CD EP length composition by David Sylvian recorded in March of this year in Norway. Based on an improvisation by Jan Bang and Sylvian it also features contributions from Otomo Yoshihide and Toshimaru Nakamura. More news to follow soon.

I was really pleased to hear this. His last work with Jan Bang was amazing, although it required some very close and concentrated listening. However, it was immensely worthwhile. I’m hopeful that this will be the same.

When will David Sylvian do something new?

It has been a long time now, since he produced anything new. I wonder if anything new is going to come along from him, or if his work really is going to vanish away. That would be a real shame of course. I’d like to see a new album. Maybe not as difficult as Manafon, but something a little closer to what he did with Nine Horses, or indeed Rain Tree Crow.

To be honest I’d be happy with anything really. I’d just like to think that he hadn’t run out of ideas, or wasn’t going to produce anything new again. That would be the real shame in my opinion.

Uncommon Deities … a work of incredible beauty


I’ve had this album for some time but never spent enough to really listen to it deeply, but I did that the other week and found it was a work of almost intense beauty and depth. The words and the concepts are unique and wonderful and executed in such a subtle way it has to be one of the most thought provoking albums I’ve heard in ages.

I really want to listen to it again, in the same sort of environment, with the same attention to listening. It isn’t always something that’s easy to do.