Blake’s 7: Liberator Chronicles 2 – False Positive

False Positive cover

The Liberator Chronicles are good stories, and I’ve been enjoying listening to these again, but if there’s one thing I don’t like about them, it’s that these stories aren’t full cast dramas. I suppose that this is simply because I’ve recently listened to the latest Blake’s 7 story ‘Fractures’, which was a full cast drama and which is really good.

Anyway, the chronicles are very good, and I should probably get the rest of them at some point.

And that was Fractures


I listened to this story the other day and was really impressed. It was just like one of the old episodes. So I think I might have to get subscribed up to the rest of the series now.

The Liberator Chronicles 2.3: Wolf


The last of the stories in this boxed set. It wasn’t bad, somewhat intricate and starring Servalan. In fact it was quite a complex story, and, as with the others in the set, a big improvement on the first box set I got. Still, overall the stories lack something. Perhaps the kind of overall texture that you get from a Doctor Who Big Finish story. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing. Blake’s 7 was always more stark, minimal, and maybe that’s how it’s being played.

Whatever the case, this was a better listen than last time around, so I’m glad I got it, and I might give the first box set another listen now.

Liberator Chronicles Volume 1

I’ve now listened to all three stories in this boxed set, and overall I have to say that they were disappointing. It’s a real shame though. They had the potential to be way better than this, but the production was just not up to the normal Big Finish standard, and I’m a little shocked by that really. It leaves me in two minds as to whether or not to go for the next set of Blake’s 7 stories.

Maybe I need to take a closer look at the next set before jumping in.

Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles 1.2 Solitary

The second part of the first box set of Liberator Chronicles. This time a story all about Vila. Although it seemed to take a while to get going it wasn’t a bad story really, but it lacked pace and excitement. Perhaps partly because it was a largely narrated story.

So far the chronicles boxed set hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I’ve only one more CD to go!