Doctor Who, the Helm of Awe


Since Philip Hinchcliffe came back to do stories with Big Finish I’ve been really impressed with the results. So I was truly looking forward to hearing this latest story. I started it off and was quite interested to begin with although I did find the story a little formulaic. In fact the whole of the first episode was a little disappointing. At this point I was a bit worried about the story and if it would indeed live up to expectations.

But it was around the mid-point of the story that it felt like it had really turned and was just like the rest of the Hinchcliffe stories, which are excellent.

I’m pleased that i was wrong about this story, I’m glad that it turned out ok and wasn’t a dud. That would be terrible.

The First Men in the Moon


As you probably know I’m a fan of Big Finish. Sure, not everything that they do is brilliant, but a great deal of it is. I was really impressed with their rendition of The Invisible Man with John Hurt and really looking forward to this. Now it’s out. I haven’t listening to it as yet, but I love the story and I hope that they do it justice.

A verdict will be forthcoming!

Doctor Who, The Pursuit Of History

Doctor Who, The Pursuit Of History
Doctor Who, The Pursuit Of History

I’m really looking forward to listening to this as it brings back a character from one of the previous seasons of the fourth doctor, played by David Warner. His was a really good character, and he appeared in two episodes. I’m glad that he’s back in this story, as not only is it a good character, but played by David Warner makes it a great listen.

I’ll let you know when I’ve heard it.

Doctor Who, Shadow of the Past

Shadow of the Past
Shadow of the Past

This was a recommendation from the Big Finish site and I thought I’d really l really wanted to hear it because it was read by Caroline Johns herself and I thought her Liz Shaw was a great companion.

This story was excellent. A bit more cerebral a story and I was glad for it. I have to say that I really enjoyed it and so much so that I think I’ll probably try a few more Liz Shaw stories.

So I listened to the new 10th Doctor Stories, here’s what I think

New 10th Doctor Stories
New 10th Doctor Stories

It took me a while to get round to listening to this set of stories, but I managed to finish it yesterday. I have to say that I was really looking forward to getting into this, but was slightly surprised that it was only 3 stories and not 4. That said, I was pleased that this came out at all as I do think that the Donna companion has been one of, if not the best companion of the new Doctor Who.

Anyway, the stories themselves were good. Pretty much in keeping with the TV episodes with the same characters. I did enjoy them overall. I can’t say that they were the best ever, but they were good. The other stuff in the ‘box set’ was only ok. I’m not sure why Big Finish put in the music from each story as a separate track. It’s ok, sort of nice to hear, but not what I’m really buying it for.

As for the ‘extras’, I’m not a massive fan of these in any audiobook. I do listen to them as occasionally you’ll get a real gem or pearl of wisdom from them, but on the whole I listen once and never again. This set had 2 lots of ‘extras’. The first was time I’ve seen that. The first extras was fine. The usual, interviews, chat, etc. However, the second set seemed to be very little to do with this ‘box set’ and far more general, and I wasn’t sure quite why it was there at all.

Aside from those gripes I did enjoy the stories, and that was the main thing after all, so I’m glad I’ve heard it, and I hope that they do another one.

Some (not so new) Big Finish stories

The lovely people at Big Finish had a bit of a sale over the weekend so I picked up a few bargains. Some of these are stories that I wouldn’t normally get into, specifically the Hartnell stories. But I’m going to give them a go and see what they’re like, which will be interesting in itself.

Survivors Season 4

Survivors Season 4
Survivors Season 4

This season was ok, but I’d have to say that I’m not sure that it was as good as the previous season, or for that matter any of the others so far. Perhaps I need to listen to it again though. I did feel that it came together in the end, and it started well too, it had a lot of promise in the beginning, but I’m just not sure that there was enough going on in these stories.

UNIT Shutdown is here …

I thought that this first one was good, and here’s the next ‘boxed’ set, along before you know it. I haven’t listened to it as yet, and actually I’m sort of backing up audio books to listen to at the moment.

I’ll get to this one soon enough though, and I’m sure it’ll be good. I mean, it is Big Finish after all!